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B O A T S      F O R      S A L E

Make Model New/Used Size Color Material Serial Reduced Price Original Price Notes
W H I T E W A T E R       B O A T S
Dagger Katana New 9.7 Blue Poly WEMCG07LK516 $665.40 $1109.00
Dagger Katana New 9.7 Red Poly WEMCT122T516 $665.40 $1149.00 Needs a hitch cover.
Dagger Nomad New Large Green/Yellow Poly WEMEF0GCF616
Dagger Nomad New Small Green Poly WEMED0505F616 $725.40 $1209.00
Dagger Redline Used/Demo Blue Poly WEM32A05C202 $297.50 $850.00
Dagger Redline Used/Demo Blue/Red Poly WEM32A06C202 $297.50 $850.00
Jackson Rock Star Used/Demo Small Green Poly JKQ13578C111 $499.60 $1249.00
Pyranha Ammo Used/Demo Small Orange/Yellow Poly XJBEEJA4K809 $549.50 $1099.00
Pyranha Burn III New Small Red Poly XJBJDRAZL415 $718.80 $1198.00
Pyranha Jed New Large Orange/Green Poly XJBGWEAMA313 $718.80 $1198.00
Pyranha Jed New Small Yellow/Orange Poly XBCUJCAD212 $718.80 $1198.00
Pyranha Jed Used/Demo Large Yellow/Lime Poly XJBGWAAYA313 $599.00 $1198.00
Pyranha Loki New Large Yellow/Gray Poly XJBCTJAHF313 $659.40 $1099.00
Pyranha Loki New 2013 Medium Red/White/Blue Poly XJB6S8A0B414 $659.40 $1099.00
SOLD! Pyranha Loki New 2013 Medium Yellow/Orange Poly XJB6JAMB414 $659.40 $1099.00
Pyranha Loki Used/Demo Large Red/White/Blue Poly XJBGTBAEB414 $549.50 $1099.00