What to expect If you’ve never rented with us before, please take a few minutes to read through these tips to make your experience better. What to Bring vs. What to Leave
  • What to bring:
  • Plenty of water
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun glasses
  • Hat
  • Loose fitting comfortable clothing that’s ok to get wet
  • Shoes that can get wet
  • Towels
  • Extra set of clothes
  • Shacks or picnic lunch
  • Ziplocks or dry bags if you decide to bring items that can be damaged by water
What to Leave on shore:
  • Please consider leaving valuables at home, or at least safely locked in your vehicle.  Electronics can be easily damaged or lost, especially in the event of a capsize.  Better to be safe than sorry!  Cascade does not have lockers or the ability to hold personal items, including keys, while you are out on the water.  Cascade is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal items.
  • Parking can be limited at both our Enatai and Bothell locations.
  • At Enatai there is additional parking around the bend on SE Lake Road, as well as in the neighborhood.
  • Parking is very limited at Bothell, and we charge a $10 per day fee to park at the marina. The marina very close to the Red Brick Park and close to the Kenmore Park and Ride.  You can park at either location for free and walk on the Birke Gillman Trail to the marina.
Can I bring my dog?
  • Well it depends.  We allow dogs, we all have them and they paddle with us, in any of our boats, but find that they do better in a canoe or sit-on-top kayak.
  • At Enatai you can bring your dog at any time.  Between June 1 and September 15 Bellevue Parks and Recreation does not allow dogs on the beach where we launch.  You can carry your dog from the cement patio and place them in the boat.  A canine lifejacket is always recommended and are sold at our Redmond retail store.
  • Dogs are not allowed at the Blue Heron Landing Marina in Bothell.
When you arrive:
  • When you arrive, everyone in your party will need to complete a risk waiver.  Please check in with the rental staff for this.
  • Staff will ask you the boat you want and where you’re headed, as well as answer questions.  We hang onto your ID while you’re out on the water in our office.
  • We’ll also give you a short safety briefing.
  • Then it’s time to get your lifejacket, paddle and head for the launch.  We may ask you to help carry your boat to the water.  After making any needed adjustments to set up your boat, staff will help you launch.
After you launch:
  • Staff will monitor you for a bit to ensure we are comfortable with your level of safety and control over your boat.  If are uncomfortable, we’ll ask you to return, consider another boat or another day when conditions are calmer.  We may also recommend that you take a lesson.
  • Safety is first and you are the one who is primarily entrusted with maintain your safety – you make it safe.
  • While on the water, maintain the safety points covered in the safety briefing.  Have a fun time paddling!
When you return:
  • When you return, we’ll help you get your land and get out of the boat.
  • Staff usually carries your boat up to the deck, but we may ask for your help.
  • Then please return paddles and lifejackets to their racks and check in at the office to pay.
  • Can I make a reservation?  Our rentals operate on a first come, first serve basis.  Even on our busiest sunny weekend days, wait time is usually no longer than 20 – 30.  Please note that this is only an estimate and wait time is also dependent on style and number of boats you wish to rent.  If you wish to rent multiple boats, we recommend that you arrive right when we open.
How busy is it now?
  • Neither of our waterfront centers have direct phone lines.  Even on our busiest sunny weekend days, wait time is usually no longer than 20 – 30.  Please note that this is only an estimate and wait time is also dependent on style and number of boats you wish to rent.
I’m a minor, can I rent without my parent?
  • We cannot rent to minors under 18 unless they are with a parent, legal guardian, or an adult assigned by parent and legal guardian.  Legal guardian is a person assigned by the courts.  For assigned adults, we must have a Cascade Parent permission form completed by the parent or guardian, and the assigned adult.  Please see the Registration and Forms tab under ABOUT US for the Parent Permission form.